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'Excellence in Extrusion' on one side is considered as a very well defined vision, however to one and all at Rajoo, the aphorism provides a license to innovate, simply because the word excellence has no static definition, it is relative and continually evolving.

Be it building infrastructure, identifying products and technologies, creating human capital, partnering with companies, its contribution to 'Excellence' is mandatory at Rajoo for any decision to be taken. In specific, for us, keeping a customer and vendor happy is excellence, to innovate technology is excellence, to be a global player in the business of extrusion is excellence, producing a world class equipment in India is excellence, lowering cost of technology is excellence, creating value for the organization is excellence and taking care of the ecology is an activity par excellence. The broader vision thus, is to 'excel'.

The visualization thus is, 'To become one of the most trusted and passionate solution providers for plastic extrusion machinery worldwide in the best interest of all the stakeholders, while perusing ethical business practices'.

With all this, for Rajoo, 'Excellence in Extrusion' created its yesterday, holds its today and would continue to guide its tomorrow.

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