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World Class Integrated Facilities
Rajoo's state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities in sprawling green acres and built-up area of 20,000 sq. mts. are located on the outskirts of Rajkot, Gujarat, one of the most industrious and vibrant states of India, famous for its engineering skills. World-class integrated facilities comprise design office, tool-room, die shop, metal treatment shop, fabrication shop, paint shop, assembly shop and testing shop.



Highly Qualified Team
The Company employs over 350 dedicated and motivated employees including 50 qualified engineers from various disciplines. The highly qualified and experienced engineers are at the core of the Research and Development department. The Company's Production, Marketing, Customer Care and Purchase departments are looked after by technocrats. The other commercial functions are manned by professionals of higher caliber and qualifications.




Advanced Process Analysis and Customization
Advanced process analysis and simulation software (Flow 2000) for customizing screw and die spiral channel designs based on rheology of specific polymers are employed. IDEAS and UNIGRAPHICS software tools are also used for product engineering and simulation.





Shree Yantralaya – a tool room
The state-of-the-art tooling zone, Shree Yantralaya goes a long way in ensuring consistently higher accuracy levels in all critical components.
Enhanced quality components produced in  a controlled air conditioned and dust free environment, with better workmanship, accuracy and quick turnaround are attributes that necessitated this significant investment in 'Shree Yantralaya' which is now the abode for machine tools such as:

  • Feeler, Taiwan – 4 axis CNC Turning Centre
  • Jyoti, India  – CNC Turning Centre
  • Huron France – Double Column Vertical Machining Centre
  • Huron, France – Three Axis High Speed Milling Centre
  • You Ji, Taiwan  – CNC Vertical Turning Lathe
  • Heckert – CNC Thread Milling Machine
  • KMT, Jetline, Germany – 2 axis water jet cutting machine
  • Smithson, India – Universal Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Pinachio, Spain – 3 axis CNC smart turn lathe

These machine tools employs precise machining technology to produce extremely high-quality components. Digitally designed complex component are seamlessly transposed to these machine tools directly, eliminating the need for human intervention and related errors.

'Shree Yantralaya' presents an immaculate approach helping the company refine the scope of 'Excellence in Extrusion'. Access to these latest machining technologies and techniques empowers the company to only further the customer satisfaction to greater heights. Ninety percent of the hot parts and air ring components of the machines built by Rajoo are now CNC machined resulting in higher repeat accuracy, quick turn around time and easy replaceability of components.


Most Advanced Machine Tools and Operational Techniques
To ensure that the products consistently live up to and in fact, surpass, the performance standards, Rajoo uses the most advanced machine tools and operational techniques available worldwide. Engineering and manufacturing departments are integrated through a digital network to ensure consistency, reliability and system. Like grooved feed bushes, barrels, screws, specialty mixing pins, die components, various kinds of spirals and air-rings are manufactured in-house. Plants with sound engineering basics are built with sculptor 's precision, which is accomplished through self-sufficient tool room comprising of CNC Thread Milling Machine, 4-axis vertical machining center, deep hole boring machine, a horizontal honing machine, a gas nitriding furnace and hard chrome plating shop with stringent quality assurance test.


In-house Modern Paint Shop
The in-house modern paint shop facility is the first of its kind in the Asian industry. An amply dimensioned shot blasting room and baking oven ensures long life of paint and improves machine aesthetics.


Huge and Well-Equipped Assembly Shop
The huge and well equipped 3 different assembly shops are partitioned to accommodate machines of different heights and lengths. Highly skilled craftsman, having experience of more than 25 years, assemble the lines. The machines are tested thoroughly and performance is checked according to customer's specifications before dispatch. The testing bay is capable of accommodating several multilayer blown film lines at a time.


Ensuring Quality Through Various Processes
The strong integration with polymer suppliers and processors allows the choice of most suitable line for the customer's requirement. Various components and assemblies are designed using various computer simulations ensuring quality of the component with stage wise inspection of the components and assemblies using precision inspection tools, jigs and fixtures.


To provide a pleasant and hazard-free working environment, with adequate facilities and welfare arrangements, company has successfully completed a "Green Field project" in approx 20,000 of area to convert the concrete jungle with old buildings into soft landscaping and lush green gardens for increasing work efficiency of its employees. Also effectively employed renewable energy resources such as solar light and rain water harvesting throughout Rajoo's premises.
A huge cafeteria with capacity of 130 employees at a time with recreation room is providing stress free working environment to employees.

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